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Language provision

You can download and print out some helpful English language resources from our shared drive.

As we find new, helpful resources for adults and children, we’ll share them along with tips on how to use them.

Current resources include:

Ukrainian translation sheets: sheets of basic vocabulary (food, clothes, etc) with both English and Ukrainian words for reference.

Household object cards: cut these out and stick them around your home to help your guests become familiar with the words. Over time, as they become confident with different words, remove the relevant card until there are none left. It’s a great way to ensure language is literally surrounding them at all times, while also providing a very tangible reward of removing all the cards over time.

Body Parts:

  • Word mat with body part words
  • Fun game for kids designing a Mr. Potato Head (make sure they’re using the body part words as they design and build, or get them to explain their potato after using the vocabulary)

Emotions folder:

  • Word mat with common emotion words
  • Emotion bingo
  • Emotion board game (good for kids)

Things that make me happy sheet: our guests have been through a lot, and at the very least, homesickness is a funny beast that comes in waves when you least expect it. Guests could use this sheet to not only practise their written English, but also remind themselves of the good things that make them happy when they’re having a rough day.

English Language classes for Ukrainians