Advice on hosting

If you are considering sponsoring someone from Ukraine, register your interest here

Register with us as a potential host. You will need to tell us what space you have, where you live, and if you have any requirements or concerns about who could live with you

Opening your home to someone could be a big change. Hosting means not only offering a room, but supporting someone's integration into society. Find out more about what is required from hosts

If you are matched with someone from Ukraine, either they, or you, will need to complete a separate visa application for every person travelling to the UK. Find out more here.

Once visa applications have been made, you will be contacted by your local council to arrange DBS checks and a home visit from the council to check your accommodation conditions. 

Once visas are approved and issued, there are a number of ways for people to get to the UK from Ukraine. There are some free options although demand is high.